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The big question: why the fuck should I buy music?


What a great question! And it certainly is a valid one in the current age of technology and accessibility.

With music being so easily accessible, sometimes it is difficult to justify buying music. And this is where I remind you, as a consumer, the choices you make have great power. Yes, that is an obvious statement, and I'm certain you understand this with the products you buy, everyday. And with music seemingly becoming less of a product, I think we forget exchanging money for music is even something we do.

Your purchase of an album or song dictates the future of that artist, regardless of whether they are an independent artist or signed to a record label. Buying music influences whether an artist continues to create, and allows them to create music more frequently.

But you're still not answering my damn question, I hear you say.

Well, think of all the times you have turned to music to feel a certain way, or used music to create a different atmosphere in your space, or... you get the point. If you could associate a monetary value to that, could you? Personally, what music brings to my life is priceless. Knowing this value, I am more than happy to support the artists I love, because I want to hear more from them and I want to enable them to continue crafting the great music they create. My biggest fear is never hearing from an artist I admire, ever again. And if paying for their hard work means they won't fall of the face of this earth, I will do that.

Without adding any pressure to a musical transaction, I want to reinforce that your purchase also validates an artist's craft, and gives them a reason to continue creating. Being the artist as part of this two-way transaction, I appreciate anyone who purchases my music, and removes any doubts I have about my work. I am a 100% self-funded artist, and every time you purchase my music, you are contributing directly to me, the costs of creating, publishing and promoting my music.

Thank you, to anyone who has supported me.

Macadi x

P.S. If you cannot afford to buy my music, I completely understand, too. I make my music as accessible to people as I possibly can, without being stuck behind a paywall. I would also love to hear ideas from people who would like to contribute in other ways, so feel free to connect with me in the Let's Connect section, below.