Marcus Macadi
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No matter what a person is feeling, there will always be a song to reflect that emotion. Music always changes, yet remains accessible to people. But not all music can be enjoyed and absorbed by streaming it on Spotify and listening to it as you go about your day. Sometimes, music is meant to challenge a person’s ears and get them to listen to it with an open mind. It’s this kind of music that Marcus Macadi wants you to hear.

Born in Western Australia’s beautiful city of Perth, Macadi has been creating electronic music since 2004. Though he has a variety of artistic interests and abilities, visual art amongst them, Macadi was drawn to electronic music in particular, because of its structural freedom. The electronic genre allows for experimentation with different sounds but still comes back to that universal language that is music. There’s also the fact that he couldn’t sing at the time, so this provided him a wonderful musical outlet, but that’s just an added perk.

Having found his voice and learning to embrace it, Macadi’s music takes on a darker, industrial electronic sound. If Alice Cooper and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails had a lovechild, it would be extremely frightening, but if their music had a child, it would be the sound that Macadi has embraced. Not one to get too comfortable though, Macadi plans on embracing other styles of music in the future. In his own words: “I never want to stick to one particular sound but try a diverse range of styles. I am always changing and the next move with my music will always be unexpected and spontaneous.” With his favourite artists ranging from Björk and Imogen Heap to Missy Elliott and Khia, Macadi has no shortage of genres and ideas to draw inspiration from.

By his own admission, Macadi’s music isn’t going to be for everyone; his unique compositional style doesn’t adhere to conventional music theories. This daring approach to writing allows his mind to be free from suggestion, letting each song he writes take on its own life and identity. None of that is to say that he doesn’t understand and appreciate musical theory; it just doesn’t work with the way that he creates his songs. Despite this distinction, Macadi is still united with other musicians by his strong love and passion for sound and expression. And if not everyone understands his music, that’s fine. “I believe true art is meant to inspire and divide opinions between people. Art is created to have lovers and haters.” But as long as someone approaches Macadi’s music with an open mind, they’ll find a recurring theme of positive messages within lyrics based on the events of everyday life.

Though he has yet to perform live, Macadi has been working hard towards his artistic goals. One of them being the completion of his sophomore studio album. He states, “I am really excited about this next chapter in my musical journey. I believe this new project will allow me to explore depths of my artistic ocean I have avoided previously, while still being connected to my core identity of change.” In addition, he adds, “I hope this will allow people to grow with me. I want this project to be an intimate adventure exploring the joy of freedom.”

Because of his enjoyment of music as both a creator and a consumer of it, Macadi is able to see his work from multiple perspectives. “Everything I write comes from a personal experience or an observation of the world and the people in it.” He says. “My music is about real life expressed as artistically as I can make it.” That’s why a song like, “Want It All” can take a simple beat that people can dance to and fuse it with a biting lyric that rips into the evils of mass media and its corporate lust. The desire to express these artistic yearnings was originally a hobby for him, as music is not yet a full-time job for Macadi. But as he’s continued to grow and record, the goals he’s set for himself in the music industry have evolved. Now he’s trying to secure a fan base that will enjoy his unique brand of music. It may end up being an exclusive group of listeners that fully understand his sound, but Macadi’s not looking to get rich, just continue to create more and more music for him, and others to enjoy.

Even if his style is divisive, the purpose and philosophy behind Marcus Macadi’s music is anything but. “I think there needs to be more unity in the music industry. There is enough room for every artist out there.” Every artist, regardless of style, should be accepted in the musical community, especially when genres can be so limiting and defining. Music is always changing, and so is Macadi. As he continues to listen, create, and experiment with different styles, his music will go down entirely new roads in surprisingly new directions. Marcus Macadi would like you to keep an open mind, take the journey along with the life of his music, and take his music along with your own journey through life.

Marcus Macadi presently resides in Melbourne where he can be found trying all the great wonders the city has to offer. From sipping great coffee and eating delightful food to enjoying a quiet night in or working hard at the gym. It must be noted, these hobbies are just few of the many Macadi is excited about incorporating into his electronic art.